Climate Change

"OPEC Reaffirms Slightly Higher Oil Output"

"With President Biden preparing to visit Saudi Arabia in July, the kingdom and its oil-exporting allies ratified slightly elevated crude oil output while waiting to see whether additional spare capacity would be needed to deal with sanctions on Russia or output disruptions in countries such as Libya or Nigeria."

Source: Washington Post, 07/01/2022

"The U.S. Is Ditching Coal. The Supreme Court Ruling Won’t Change That."

"When conservative environmental lawyer Jeffrey Holmstead joined the Bracewell firm in late 2006, it represented the whole range of electric power companies, including coal-fired utilities and coal mining firms. Not anymore. The chief executives of electric utilities, wary of the perils of climate change, are marching away from coal, as well as other fossil fuels."

Source: Washington Post, 07/01/2022


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